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Welcome to the FSG Med Ed Lab!

Research Program Overview

The FSG Medical Education Research program is grounded in the foundational idea that education matters. From this perspective, the FSG Med Ed Lab pursues studies that aim to emphasize, elucidate, and improve the relationship between health professional training and the healthcare delivered to patients and communities. FSG stands for full-scope generalist. We take on this moniker for two reasons. First, situated in a Department of Family Medicine and David Braley Primary Care Research Collaborative at McMaster University, much of our research considers the education antecedents that support the effective practice of comprehensive, continuous, and community-adaptive primary care family medicine. Secondly, given the breadth of education issues in the health professions, we recognize a need to embrace generalism in our approach to research inquiry, adopting a pragmatic epistemological lens and developing collective expertise in a wide range of research methods, methodologies, and designs.

Latest News

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